Mini Minds


Welcome to Mini Minds!

Mini Minds is an online nursery homeschooling program, where parents can subscribe to educational videos, kits, and other materials and resources to homeschool their children.

In addition to English lessons, we also provide Arabic lessons which are aligned to the same themes.  The language used in lessons is strictly Arabic or English.


We offer different types of lessons to ensure that students develop holistically, and excel at school assessments.  We also provide live follow up sessions with experienced teachers to ensure that you’re on track in implementing the homeschooling curriculum.  Lessons we provide: 

  • Circle time
  • Daily routine
  • Story time
  • Arts & crafts
  • Messy/sensory play
  • Science class
  • Arabic
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Cooking class
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Morals & much more


  • Our lessons are aligned to different themes distributed across the year.
  • We plan for two themes each month.
  • Our theme choices help familiarize students with language of developmentally appropriate topics  covering diverse disciplines.
  • Themes begin with “Under the Sea”, and “Me, My Family, and My House,” in October.

Kits, Booklets, & Flash Cards

Kits, booklets, and flashcards are included in our program, or can be sold separately. 

  • Kits: Kits are a collection of  different pre-prepared activity materials.  Activities include: arts and crafts, science, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, messy play, etc. 
  • Booklets: Our booklet is full of educational worksheets and activities.  They help kids learn their numbers, shapes, colors, letters, theme vocabulary, and other basic skills
  • Flashcards: Flashcards help children develop their vocabulary and knowledge. 

Download the Mini Minds App!

Our educational videos can be accessed via mobile app or website.  Download the Mini Minds app now!